If you don’t have the time to create a garden outside your house or if you live in an apartment where the only space you have is your room, keeping houseplants can help you create a welcoming ambience to your place. They provide serenity, beauty in their daily flowering and growth.  

The question is, can you keep the houseplants healthy even if you don’t have much time to take care of them? Yes, read more for our tips so you would know how to take care of your houseplants.  

Provide with Consistent Water 

To prevent the plant from being damaged, make sure you provide them with consistent water. Do not leave them too dry or over watered because you might kill it. If you have plants with thick, leathery or waxy leaves, it needs more water. To know how much water your plant needs, know its specie and research on ho frequent they should be watered.  

Use Water that’s at Room Temperature 

The water you should be giving to the plant should be at a room temperature which is 20 degrees Celsius. The water that’s too hot will damage the roots of the plant and too cold will also cause dormancy to the plant. So be careful with the water.  

Give Enough Sunlight 

Plants need sunlight, even the indoor plants. They need it for their food processing. The duration, quality and intensity of light will affect the plant’s health and growth. Do not put the plant in direct sunlight. Flowering plants should have 12-16 hours per day of sunlight while foliage plants need 14-16 hours.  

Regular Prune the Plant 

Houseplants need regular pruning too. It needs to be pruned at different intervals. If you don’t prune your plants, it can grow out of control and their roots will outgrow the pots. According to a Glasgow tree surgeon, you need to cut off dead limbs and branches that can attract bugs.  

Fill Pot with Balanced Fertilizer 

Since houseplants spend most of their time in the pot inside a house so it needs 10-10 fertilizer. They will need the nutrients in order to survive. If your plant is a flowering plant, you can opt for a fertilizer that’s high in potassium. Foliage plant needs fertilizer with nitrogen. Succulents or succi plants require a special pot that can drain the water efficiently.  

Increase the Humidity in the Room 

Cacti plants can survive in dry air but most houseplants need humidity in order to live longer. To increase the humidity, buy a humidifier with a cool mist that can provide moisture for the plant.  

You can also make your own humidifier. Get a tray and fill them pebbles. Add water, once it evaporates it will humidify the room.  

Do not Move the Plants a Lot 

The houseplants don’t adjust to their surrounding fast, so you better keep them on one place. Avoid putting it in a place where the temperature changes drastically. It will have a negative effect on the plant.